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Brokerage Printing

Print Service Brokering is the process of integrating multiple types of printing systems, services and skills to deliver a ‘one-source” solution to reduce cost, enhance process and gain tighter control of your printing requirements.

Our brokerage services provide a solution for every conceivable printing requirement. The added benefits of matrix pricing eliminates the conventional way of estimating for a seamless ordering, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and relationship management process, administered and produced through our project management team.

Offset Printing

This is the most commonly used commercial printing process and also the most complicated. It is used to create magazines, books, newspapers, reports, brochures and much more. The fundamental concept behind this process is that ink and water don’t mix. This type of printing is done on an offset press that uses an indirect printing process. This means that the image carrier and the substrate do not come into contact with each other.

These presses can be either sheet fed or web fed in nature. Sheet fed presses send individual sheets through the press while web fed presses use a very large roll of paper.

We utilize proven technology and equipment to ensure that our printed products are of the highest quality. We are fully equipped from single to six - colour printing presses that use aqueous coating for premium quality.

Our highly skilled press-operators are masters at maintaining ink consistency and coverage, while maintaining accuracy and meeting our customers’ deadlines. We have extensive knowledge of pre-press technology - film, computer to plate (CTP)/poly plates; ink mixing and knowledge about chemical usage and disposal and quality assurance.

Full-color printing, also known as four-color printing or process colour printing, is one of our specialties.

We can print just about anything in full colour.

Some of our more popular full-colour products are:
   Sell Sheets and Product Sheets
   Letterhead, Business Cards, and Envelopes
   And Much More...